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workforce therapy
workforce therapy

Work Force Solutions

PT Service Rehab specializes in worker health. From preventative training to rehabilitation programs that enable a safe return to work, we offer comprehensive workforce solutions.

Educational Programs

To help employees stay healthy and injury free, we offer educational programs on topics such as Ergonomics, Posture and Body Mechanics, Rotator Cuff Strengthening, Knee and Shoulder Health, Safe Back and Flexibility and Strengthening.

Job Site Analysis

Every job has a unique set of requirements. Our therapists help by assessing the job, identifying potential problem areas and recommending solutions. Our goal is to prevent injuries before they occur and to maximize employee efficiency.


Our therapists are trained to assess and recommend solutions in the work place to ensure productivity while avoiding risks of injury.

Post Offer Employment Evaluations

Job-specific testing is performed to assess a job candidate’s ability to safely perform the requirements of the position.

Worker Safety Training

On-the-job training sessions to review proper body mechanics, including lifting, pushing and pulling as well as sitting and standing postures to reduce stress and strain and to prevent injuries.

Work Conditioning Program

Work conditioning consists of all over body conditioning to prepare employees to return to work after a prolonged leave-of-absence. This promotes a positive relationship with employers as the worker takes an active role in the return to work. A work conditioning program reduces the risk of re-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Rapidly and accurately identify if a patient is able to work, and if so, the appropriate physical level. FCEs can be performed before Rehab Starts as a baseline, after Rehab to ensure a safe back-to-work transition, and for disability determination.