rehabSurgical intervention happens when all other options have been exhausted. Having surgery can complicate your life for a period after the surgery and during healing. You can increase your odds of a successful outcome and a shorter recovery timeline by working with an Occupational Therapist before your surgery. Prehabilitation (Prehab for short) is a proactive approach designed to prepare the individual physically and mentally for surgery.
Knowing what to expect before and after surgery can help you relax and prepare your home for any adaption you may need to make your post-surgical life easier.

How can Prehab benefit me?

By strengthening and training your muscles in advance of your surgery, these same muscles will be prepared for rehabilitation post-operatively.

  • Mentally Prepare for Surgery
  • Reduction of Pain and Swelling
  • Improved Levels of Stamina
  • Lowered Risk of Complications
  • Decreased Recovery Time After Your Surgery
  • Improve Your Overall Outcome
  • Possibly Avoid Surgery

Contact a clinic near you for more information on how Prehab can help you.