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Practitioner Solutions

PT Services Rehab provides physical and occupational therapy solutions in your facility. We also provide speech and language therapy, including videostroboscopy scopes. Our network of over 200 licensed and certified employees is a vast resource of rehabilitation knowledge and experience, and our management team keeps therapists current with changes in legislature, insurance and billing practices. We deliver results for your facility.

Partnering for your practice’s success

PT Services Rehab will utilize our extensive background and network to recruit and manage therapy resources for your practice.

Delivering quality patient care

We seek to help your patients achieve their highest level of physical functioning with patient-centered services provided by our caring staff of therapists. Our license board representation lets PT Services Rehab quickly adapt to change, as well as influence change.

Providing excellent administrative expertise

We lead best practices in the coding, billing, insurance, legal and regulatory compliance aspects of therapy, maximizing profits to build your practice’s profit.