Our Mission

Excellence in Motion

Our Vision

Excellence in Motion
A company that excels at patient care
A company always moving toward self improvement

Our Philosophy

At P.T. Services, we live our Corporate Values & Customer Service Standards of Excellence, personally and professionally shaping ourselves to support the Excellence in Motion Principles. We give maximum effort toward maximum service to our customers and work productively and efficiently. We present ourselves with enthusiasm in all work situations, exhibiting our best attitude. We looking for ways to improve individual skills to better serve the customer and our company.

Our Mission

“Through Excellence, our valued employees provide expert, comprehensive rehabilitation and healthcare services to our customers.”

Customer Service Standards of Excellence

Service – We will strive to provide service that exceeds the expectations of the people we call “our customers.”

Excellence – We will strive for Excellence in Motion in all of our work, and in all of our work relationships.

Respect – We will treat all of our customers with the utmost respect.

Value – We will value the healing process, our relationships, and ourselves.

Improvement – We will constantly seek improvement in the care that we provide.

Compassion – We will show compassion throughout the healing process of our patients.

Enthusiasm – We will approach our work with enthusiasm so others can see we enjoy making a difference in the lives of people we serve.

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