Elder Care Solutions

Excellence in Motion

Skilled Nursing Facility

PT Services Rehabilitation provides long-term care solutions in your facility, including physical, occupational and speech therapy. Our therapists work as a team of 250 licensed employees, each contributing unique expertise and experience to the success of our services. Our management ensures therapists are current with legislative trends and changing insurance and billing practices.

Delivering optimal patient care

We provide physical, occupational and speech therapy based on quality care and services for the patient, with every effort from our staff to help patients achieve their highest level of physical functioning. Our long-running license board representation gives PT Services Rehab the ability to adapt quickly to, and influence, change.

Contributing to your success

P.T. Services cultivates patient satisfaction and manages patient care across multiple health services.

Providing excellent administrative expertise

We spearheading best practices in coding, billing, insurance, legal and regulatory compliance aspects of therapy, and maximize reimbursements to contribute to your facility’s profit.

Integrating our therapist team with your management team

We provide rehabilitation services to reach your key success factors, communicating frequently and working as part of your team.